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Are there any chemicals in EarLift that are harmful to my skin?

No, EarLift is totally safe. Our adhesives are hypoallergenic and totally safe for skin contact.

Will EarLift work on my ear lobe if it is already torn?

YES! These patches are so light and flexible that you can make your torn earlobes look good as new. All of your earring's weight will be supported by EarLift.

Does EarLift work on ear lobes that are not stretched?

YES! If you use EarLift before your ear lobes begin to stretch, not only will the weight of the earrings feel much less, but you may actually prevent your lobes from stretching in the future.

Is EarLift difficult to get used to?

NO! They are extremely light weight and easy to use. Open the box, remove your patch, and stick it on!

How long can I continue using EarLift products?

If used safetly, and changed when needed, you can use EarLift as long as you desire.

Is EarLift safe for children?

YES! EarLift is made of hypoallergenic material, like those found in your baby's silcone bottle nipple. These materials are also used in most pacifiers.

Can men use EarLift?

YES! With new fashion trends, and old ones, we recommend it. Men do not have stronger ear lobes than women. EarLift will prevent those lobes from stretching out!

Can I recommend EarLift to my friends?

Absolutly. We would love to help anyone who would like to fix or prevent stretching without the high costs and risks of plastic surgery.

If I have had plastic surgery on my ear lobes, can I use EarLift?

YES! In fact, using EarLift may prevent another visit to that plastic surgeon.