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Picture of Coverums "Original Classic"

Coverums "Original Classic"

Clevage Covere Cami- Attaches onto Bra, Cover Cleavage Instantly
About this product

Cleavage Covered up.... in a classy way



Tired of the extra heat and added inches around your waist and the limited use you have of your wardrobe? Coverums is the solution to expand your wardrobe no need to purchase outfits especially for work or social activities. Coverums creates just that layered look that is much cooler than a full camisole or tank top without the fuss of continuously adjusting and pulling on your outer garment throughout the day. Coverums is pretty, practical and very professionally looking!


At anytime Coverums can be instantly removed or placed on, allowing the use the freedom to expose or conceal clevage, depending on the occasion or environment. Strapless and backless. "On when you need it. Off when you don't!"


Change the look of many outfits with just one Coverums...


» One Size Fits Most. 

» Simulating a Tank Top.

» Cool, Lightweight & comfortable.

» Cover Cleavage & Plunging neck Lines.

» Replaces Bulky Tank Top & Camisoles.

» Layered look - without the bulk & creeping.

» Reduces heat & inches - around your waist.

» Convenient for breast feeding and work outs.

» Instantly alters the look of other garments.

» Soft fabric : 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

» Wrinkle resistant. 

» Machine washer and dryer safe.